The Cambridge Way: Free Webinar for gifted students (14+) and their parents [ENGlISH/INTERNATIONAL}



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During this free webinar, gifted students (14+) and their parents will receive information about ‘edu-coaching’ in the context of giftedness. This new form of coaching is based on the support structure and educational model used at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford (Oxbridge). The session will be led  by Simone Eringfeld, a professional educationist who recently graduated from Cambridge University. The session will cover the following:

  • What is Edu-coaching?
  • What is Oxbridge’s secret to success?
  • Cambridge educational model: ‘supervisions’ en ‘tutoring’
  • Personal experiences with studying at Oxbridge

There will be space for students and parents to ask their questions after the informative presentation. It will also be possible to book an individual 1-on-1 edu-coaching session with Simone Eringfeld. Book your spot for the free webinar in advance (limited places available) by emailing [email protected] For an individual try-out session, register your interest by filling in this google form.


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