FREE Info- & Encounter Session for Gifted Students (18+) [ENGLISH/INTERNATIONAL]



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Are you a gifted student currently attending university? Higher Ed students often get excluded from specialized support for dealing with giftedness, which is usually focused on primary and secondary levels of schooling. This makes it more difficult to meet other gifted students and exchange experiences, even though you might have pressing questions about how best to harness the potential as well as face the challenges that come with being gifted. If you find yourself struggling with issues around study choice and career paths or are feeling anxious about the future, you are not alone!

This session will open with an introductory activity, followed by a short 20-min presentation about the main challenges that gifted students encounter at university. Key tips and advice on how to navigate the ‘gift of giftedness’ will also be shared, and topics including fear of failure, perfectionism and motivation (or procrastination ;)) will be addressed. Especially if you are looking for new ways to reach your full potential, this meeting is for you! You will get a chance to ask questions and meet like-minded students.

This session will be led by edu-coach Simone Eringfeld, a professional educationist who recently graduated from the University of Cambridge. She will share her insights and explain her new service ‘edu-coaching’ for gifted students.

To register for this free event: email [email protected] (limited places available). You can also register for a free individual coaching session with Simone by e-mailing her or by filling in this registration form.


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